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iCouldBe connects high school students with mentors virtually to develop educational and career pathways and guide them to build support networks to help them reach their goals. Donate to help us:

  • Foster soft skill-building, self-advocacy and developmental relationship-building
  • Create and connect youth with an accessible robust professional network of support
  • Engage students to build their social capital through our proprietary Connections Mapping Tool

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Your tax-deductible gift to iCouldBe will ensure our students have caring adult mentors to help them map their personalized networks and equip students to pursue their future academic and career goals with the support they need.

With your support more mentees will have access to mentors to guide them through iCouldBe’s curricular activities focusing on academic success, career exploration and post-secondary planning. iCouldBe mentors help mentees increase their social capital by developing networks of supportive adults to help them reach their full potential.

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To mail your gift to iCouldBe, please send it to:
222 Broadway, 19th Floor
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