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Have you always wanted to be a mentor to a child in need, but didn’t think you had the time? Do you want to share your personal and professional experiences to help make a difference in a young person’s life? At iCouldBe you can! iCouldBe’s program is entirely online. Each week, you can log-in from any computer, from any location, on your own schedule for only one hour.

Our award-winning e-mentoring program provides a secure online community where adults from hundreds of career paths support students from low-income communities as they make positive decisions about their future.

Applying to our program takes about 20 minutes.

Are you ready to get started? Register Here.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Mentoring

1) How does iCouldBe work?

All mentoring is carried out virtually on an internal Intranet system unique to iCouldBe. To keep the e-mentoring relationship protected and secure, mentors and mentees remain anonymous and never share their last names, email addresses, telephone numbers or any other identifying details. Communications are filtered and monitored to ensure our members stay protected.

2) What is my role as a mentor?

Guiding your mentee to achieve personal, academic and career goals is your primary and most important role as an iCouldBe mentor. You commit to discovering your mentee’s potential. You do that by committing one hour a week for the school year (September–June). You commit to show up week in and week out to connect with, be there for, and cheer on your mentee through challenges, successes and even setbacks.

To hear why other mentors volunteer click here.

3) What is the time commitment?

Developing a relationship with your mentees takes time, so plan to spend at least one hour per week reviewing your mentees’ activities and giving them in-depth feedback. It takes time to develop a relationship with your mentee, so we ask that you make an initial commitment of one school year (September – June). Because e-mentoring is asynchronous and virtual, you can access our site whenever is most convenient for you.

4) How do I register?

The process is easy and should take at most one month from start to finish. There are three simple steps to get started: 1) attend a live 30-minute webinar or access a recording to learn more about the mentoring commitment, 2) complete the online application and submit the background check, and 3) receive welcome message upon clearing background check.

We have two recruitment seasons: fall and spring. The live Learn More webinars take place in July/August in preparation for the fall semester that starts in September. The fall recruitment season ends in mid-October and then registration is closed. We reopen registration again in late December/mid-January for the spring semester. Live Learn More webinar sessions take place in early December in preparation for spring.

We have provided access to a Learn More webinar recording. The recording will open in a new page. Please enter your name and click "Submit" to view it. (Note: Recording playback requires Flash. If the viewer does not have Flash installed, they will be prompted to install it before playback begins.) Click here to access the recording.

For a detailed FAQ please click here.

5) How will I prepare to work with my mentee?

iCouldBe provides four consecutive online training modules to help you get started as an e-mentor. The brief modules will walk you through how to navigate the site, communicate with your mentees, and how to best use iCouldBe’s award-winning system and customized curriculum to guide and support your students.

6) I'm ready to become a mentor. What do I do now?

We’re so excited to have you join us! If you have not yet attended a live session or accessed the recording, please click here to listen to the webinar. We highly encourage taking this step first to learn the details about how the program works, who our students are and how you can best serve them.

If you’re ready to become a mentor, click here to register!

Become a
Corporate Partner

iCouldBe partners with the private sector in an engaging model of corporate social responsibility. In addition to financial support, corporate employees are encouraged to mentor iCouldBe students online and often become some of the strongest advocates for the power of e-mentoring.

Companies that give back to their communities demonstrate vision and initiative that positively impacts their business. Employee volunteer programs encourage leadership development, improve professional skills and build company morale and loyalty.

By partnering with iCouldBe, you offer your employees the chance to draw on their professional expertise as they guide at-risk students through the transition from high school to college or their chosen career path. Employees from our corporate partners make strong mentors, and curriculum units focusing on career planning, financial literacy and college preparation take on special relevance as they guide their mentees towards their educational and career goals. Because e-mentoring occurs online, participation is flexible and suits the challenging schedules of corporate professionals.

To learn more about becoming a corporate partner, email our Executive Director, Kate Schrauth at

Bring iCouldBe
to Your School

Since 2000, iCouldBe has connected over 19,000 students across the country with caring and professional mentors, helping to guide youth towards the futures they want.

Like you, our mission is to give our students the tools to plan for a successful future. Having a professional adult available to listen, guide and support them can make all the difference in helping young people find success in school and plan for bright futures.

iCouldBe works closely with each of our school partners to determine how e-mentoring can help students meet your college and career readiness goals.

To learn more please contact our Director of Programs, Michelle Derosier ( or +1-917-608-7093)