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Three Year Grant From American Student Assistance (ASA)
iCouldBe is delighted to be a recipient of a three year grant from American Student Assistance (ASA) which will fund the launch of a youth advisory board, paid internship program, and an alumni program to support mentees post-program.

Part One: The "Why" Behind iCouldBe's Youth Advisory Board
iCouldBe is empowering mentees at every stage of the mentoring process, from program creation to curriculum, with the development of its first Youth Advisory Board. Read this three part series on how iCouldbe is developing a Youth Advisory Board with guidance and support from MENTOR New York.

Part Two: iCouldBe's Tips for Creating a Mentee-Driven Youth Board

Part Three: Planning for Youth Board Success and Sustainability

AI Can Make Schools More Human, But Only If Schools Prioritize Relationship Metrics
iCouldBe keeps up-to-date information on the number of connections students are forging throughout the course of their program, and students can visualize the growing web of relationships at their disposal.

Technology as a bridge–not a shortcut–to student relationships
Technology platforms optimized for authentic human connection are helping people who otherwise might not meet to forge meaningful.

How schools can help learners build social, academic networks
Relationship mapping allows students to find trusted and diverse personal sources of social and academic support.

Tech Fuels Student Access to Mentorships – Especially for Students of Color
Technology can serve as an equalizing tool for early career exploration and fostering “pathways mindsets” for our nation’s young people.

What Schools Miss When They’re Missing Relationship Data
New tools are emerging to help young people identify and maintain connections. iCouldBe has created a student-facing “connections map” where students can visualize their networks on an ongoing basis.

Students’ hidden networks: Relationship mapping as a strategy to build asset-based pathways.
A new report from The Christensen Institute surfaces best practices from practitioners, including iCouldBe, on how schools can use an asset-based approach to map whom students already know and then leverage these relationships toward equitable pathways.

Check out the Christensen Institute’s interactive Playbook with 5 Steps for Building & Strengthening Students’ Networks.
In the section on Leverage of Edtech, iCouldBe Executive Director Kate Schrauth notes “Without the data—and the tools to collect and analyze the data—how can we measure the impact of expanded networks for our students?”

Schools that aren’t measuring students’ relationships are leaving their economic mobility to chance
In the long run, better data and measurement can drive better design. iCouldBe’s Executive Director Kate Schrauth cautions that “without the data—and the tools to collect and analyze the data—how can we measure the impact of expanded networks for our students?”

Virtual Mentoring Was Invaluable During the Pandemic. Keeping It Going Can Close the Gap for the 1 in 3 Students Who Need a Mentor’s Help
The value of virtual mentoring from iCouldBe’s Executive Director Kate Schrauth and David Shapiro CEO of Mentor

How iCouldBe’s Virtual Mentoring Portal connects mentees and mentors during COVID
Hear from mentee Jailin and mentor Ryan with STOKED about how the Virtual Mentoring Portal from MENTOR National and iCouldBe has helped them stay connected - especially during the COVID pandemic

Mentoring in a Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Future Implications
iCouldBe went to Washington (virtually) to brief the Congressional Youth Mentoring Caucus on “Mentoring in a Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Future Implications”

Mentor Receives $500,000 Grant To Pursue E-Mentoring And Research Initiatives With iCouldBe
MENTOR to work with strategic partners, including Johns Hopkins University and iCouldBe, for e-mentoring initiative and research on youth inequity during COVID-19

Since March 2020, AT&T employees have provided over 1000 hours of mentoring to youth across the nation on programs including iCouldBe
AT&T contributed $250,000 to support an innovative collaboration between MENTOR and iCouldBe, which joined forces to develop the Virtual Mentoring Portal.

The mentoring circle: Supportive relationships across generations
Mentoring can be delivered many different ways including in-person and—even before COVID-19 contingencies—mentoring can be virtual, as iCouldBe and others have shown.

Measuring Who Students Know
A new report on “Emerging practices for measuring students’ relationships and networks” describes how iCouldBe students build and activate relationships based on education and career interests and create their own network map

The missing metrics: Emerging practices for measuring students’ relationships and networks
A new report from the Christensen Institute by Mahnaz Charania PhD and Julia Freeland Fisher highlights how early innovators, including iCouldBe, are building and measuring social capital.

iCouldBe statement on #BlackLivesMatter and racial justice
We all must do the hard, and often uncomfortable, work of personal and organizational self-assessment and commit to fight for systemic change and racial justice in America.

Let’s Make This Crisis the (Grand)Mother of Invention
Older adults are a largely untapped resource to address growing inequality among youth across the U.S. due to COVID-19. iCouldBe along with MENTOR and CricketTogether launched the free Virtual Mentoring Portal to help nonprofits maintain relationships between adult and youth during this critical time.

Virtual Mentoring Portal Lets Youth Organizations Go Virtual, Shift Mentoring Online
iCouldBe is partnering with MENTOR to help address an immediate crisis for in-person mentoring programs and in the space of six weeks we rolled out a free virtual mentoring portal for youth-serving organizations.

MENTOR and iCouldBe Launch Virtual Mentoring Portal
Free, secure platform provides social connection for young people, mentors during physical distancing

Don’t discount the power of students’ acquaintances to expand supports and horizons
Julia Freeland Fisher at the Christensen Institute describes how even weak ties can offer real value and how iCouldBe activities help mentees practice relationships skills and grow their networks.

E-mentoring Supplement to the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring
iCouldBe was honored to contribute to the E-mentoring Supplement to the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring recently released by MENTOR The National Mentoring Partnership.

11 Great Ways To Save The World
iCouldBe is delighted to be included in this list of organizations that enable people the ease of volunteering online, from home or work.

Can Technology Help Guide Students Towards College Success?
With the number of guidance counselors in decline, high school students need all the assistance they can get to ensure success in college. iCouldBe is featured one of the featured organizations that use technology to help fill the information and guidance gap.

Using virtual mentors to expand offline networks and grow career aspirations
Julia Freeland at the Christensen Institute spoke with's Executive Director Kate Schrauth about how technology can expand students' networks

iCouldBe featured in American Graduate Day
An iCouldBe mentor and mentee participated in the PBS American Graduate Day 2017 special.

iCouldBe in Forbes
Featured as a partner providing virtual mentoring to AT&T employees from any location.

Points of Light features Civic 50 leaders that support youth mentoring
AT&T is contributing more than $1.3 million to innovative organizations such as iCouldBe

iCouldBe on
iCouldBe makes it possible for AT&T mentor and mentee to form a bond despite being over 1,500 miles apart.

iCouldBe on
iCouldBe is one of the digital programs featured that are helping low-income kids get into college.

Datakind Meet-up sponsored by AT&T
On 2/25/16 COO Wendy Siegelman presented with a panel of data science volunteers, on "Defining Successful Mentoring Relationships"

MENTOR's Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series
On 2/18/16, ED Kate Schrauth participated in a webinar panel on "Mentoring in the Age of Technology"

Linked Learning Conference Panel
On 2/4/16, Curriculum Developer Madeline Giscombe presented on a panel with partners from SAP, Skyline High School, Career Ladders Project, and Berkeley City College, on iCouldBe's new gamified multi-year curriculum.

iCouldBe honored
iCouldBe is honored to be an AT&T Aspire grantee

A Look Back at How iCouldBe Started 15 Years Ago
iCouldBe Founder Adam Aberman shares his early vision to create an e-mentoring, career development, and college guidance service for teens

Online Volunteers: Don't Ever Call Them Virtual
Great article in The NonProfit Times on virtual volunteers featuring iCouldBe

iCouldBe at TeraData Cares DataKind DataDive
A snapshot of how data science volunteers used data for good at the October 2014 DataDive

Volunteer data scientists help iCouldbe
Volunteer data scientists help iCouldbe uncover the ABCs of Successful Online Mentoring

DataKind DataDive
Volunteer data scientists help iCouldbe uncover the ABCs of Successful Online Mentoring

iCouldBe on U.S. News
Mentoring Students, and Closing the STEM Gap, Without Leaving the Office

CEB Partnership
CEB Partners with iCouldBe to Mentor At-Risk Students

HUFFPOST SCIENCE article by iCouldBe ED, Kate Schrauth
Mentoring the Next Generation Towards STEM Careers

iCouldBe Featured on CNN!
The emergence of e-mentoring

iCouldBe Receives Grant From E*TRADE to Mentor 650 Students Across the U.S.
E*TRADE Reinforces Commitment to Mentor Today’s Youth

EDU in Review News Blog
iCouldBe Bringing e-Mentors to Your School with Your Help

ELearn Magazine article
Online Mentoring Programs Partnership (PDF) Partners with iCouldBe to Create iSucceed

Mentors Guide Jordan Students
iCouldBe at Jordan High School in Long Beach, CA

From (PDF)
I Could Be...a Mentor

Glamour Magazine
Glamour Magazine recognizes the impact mentoring with iCouldBe can have on improving students’ chances of attending college: Glamour’s 31 Days of Giving

iCouldBe presents at Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School (PDF)  
iCouldBe presented its proprietary content filter and identity verification process to the Internet Safety Task Force at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

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