More Than 16 Million U.S. Kids Need Mentors
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The mission of icouldbe is to provide at-risk middle and high school students with an online community of professional mentors, empowering teens to stay in school, plan for future careers, and achieve in life. was established in 2000, to combat a pressing crisis in the U.S. educational system: the need to reach economically disadvantaged students; to guide them to graduate from high school, to set educational and career goals, and to build personalized pathways to achieve their goals. uses technology to re-imagine the power of mentoring by bringing students and mentors together in a safe, evidence-based virtual e-mentoring community. e-mentoring

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icouldbe’s online mentoring program includes structured activities, rigorous oversight, safety features, and assessment capabilities that provide a new way to change the lives of at-risk youth through caring, supportive relationships.
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Want to share your personal and professional experiences to help make a difference in a young person’s life? E-mentoring helps students stay in school and increases the likelihood they will attend college or pursue their chosen career path.
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To maximize our outreach and scale up existing programs, icouldbe partners with the private sector in an engaging model of corporate social responsibility that includes opportunities for corporate employees to volunteer and advocate for the power of e-mentoring.
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